The end of an era

Burnett Works is closing its doors at the end of August 2019, and we wanted to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful people we’ve worked with along the way.

For over 17 years we’ve helped fantastic causes to achieve some incredible things. That’s been a real privilege. But what’s also made it really worthwhile has been working with all of you. Thank you.

We’re very proud of everything we’ve achieved together.

All the very best

Jackie Fowler (Chair) and Jaz Nannar (Managing Director)

We’re a charity fundraising agency and we do exciting creative stuff. So you can fundraise better.

Perhaps you’re looking at making a few changes. It could be something small.

Or maybe you want to really shake things up.

Either way, we can help. Just as we have with some of the sector’s biggest names. And with the little guys too. Because if it’s a good thing, we can get behind it.

Advice is free. We mean it.

We created a GDPR campaign, for the RSPB.

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How we helped Breast Cancer Now to develop their legacy message.

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The British Heart Foundation needed a mass-participation event. Something everyone could get involved with.

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People care about foodbanks. We helped them to care about The Trussell Trust, too.

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How we overhauled Macmillan’s fundraising events.

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We added a little something to Macmillan’s brand with ‘Ladyparts’

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How we helped The Salvation Army’s fundraising campaigns to smash their targets.

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How we helped Womankind stand out with a very important message, and to bring in all kinds of new supporters.

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We won’t do the same boring things you’ve seen a hundred times before. And we won’t do flashy stuff that falls flat when it needs to raise money for you. Instead, we’ll do eye-catching, exciting things that really work. If you want to stand out, then we’re the charity fundraising agency you need.


We know how to reach your supporters in the right way. With the right messages and the right channels. And we create strategic supporter journeys, that can take people from acquisition right through to a legacy ask.


We understand what people care about, what they want to hear from you, and what will make them support your work. We’ll find out what your current supporters love about you, and what they don’t. We’re the charity fundraising agency who can build on that knowledge – and who can find you more people.


Mass participation events. Challenge events. Social events. We know our way around all of them. We know what makes them good, and we know what charities need to improve. Because we can get more and more people onto their feet, and behind your cause.


When others are getting gifts in wills so wrong, we’re the charity fundraising agency that gets things very right. With care. With understanding. And with a solid understand of how people tick..


Knowing how to treat your donors properly means the world. And we know so much about GDPR, we even wrote the book on it. So let us share that knowledge, about donor preferences and more, with you.


We lead the way in creating fundraising campaigns that are based on donor psychology. We know how behavioural science approaches (such as loss aversion, heuristics and social bias) play out in the real world. We test and analyse everything we do, and underpin it with the principles of relationship fundraising. In other words, our strategic thinking puts your supporters front and centre.


We’ll talk to your charity’s supporters – privately, on the phone, or in person – about what matters to them and their connection to your cause.

We’ll find out what they really think and feel about you – about what you’re doing right, and what could be better. This is meaningful stuff, and it’s what makes our work for you so effective.

So whatever you need from us – be it a contact strategy, a proposition, a website overhaul, or simply a piece of copy – you can be confident that it understands your supporters and chimes with their values.



You’ll always know where you are with us. We aren’t the type of fundraising agency to quote you a price only to let it spiral. We won’t take days to get back to you.

Our client services team are sticklers for detail. They’ll provide regular budget and schedule updates. They’ll arrange status calls and face-to-face meetings, project reports and financial reconciliations.

They’ll plug you directly into our creative team, our planners and more. They’re fast and smart and super-responsive. And from the first kick-off onwards, you’ll always have a point of contact to discuss strategic and day–to-day matters.

You can still contact us, to discuss any of our work (and the people behind it) on