Across any channel – direct mail, DRTV, digital, press, outdoor, radio – or sometimes just one.

Supporter insight

Knowing why people support you is gold dust, so you can offer them what they’re most interested in. We can help you find the ‘why’ – the rational and emotional – which unlocks everything else.
So much supporter insight is about recency, frequency, value, age, income, media consumption… all important. But deep insight is often missing about the big one: motivation. Unlock why someone is touched by your cause and you unlock the right messages, what opportunities your audiences are interested in, events that might make them smile, content that they want to see. By asking the right questions, we’re good at getting to the ‘whys’, in a very human way. Which leads to human creative, and communications strategies that treat people as partners, never as data.
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Sharper fundraising propositions

Sharper propositions make for a more distinctive, relevant offer.
They also make fundraisers’ lives easier, because all creative, created externally or internally, can spring from a clear, compelling story.
Vague propositions make for vague communication that’s easy to ignore. Navel-gazing propositions, only broadcasting what the charity wants, make for navel-gazing messaging. In today’s world, a sharp fundraising proposition defines an opportunity for an audience that matters in the context of their lives and interests. Whether you need an overarching proposition for all fundraising or just for legacies, or for a new mass event or a social campaign, we’ll make sure it’s sharp and outward-looking. And that you can substantiate it. And then how much easier life becomes!
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Mass participation events

We probably have more experience of mass participation than anyone else. We can help you improve an existing event, as we have to great effect for The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, or create a new one.
Taking part in a charity event should fulfil a need that isn’t satisfied by handing over £5 a month. It gives people something that matters in their own lives – or it should! For example, to do something with the kids at the weekend, or meet up with friends they don’t see enough because life’s too busy. And in return, they raise money while they’re at it. We can help you develop a compelling proposition and recruit at volume, drive up value and encourage people to sign up again next year.
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Gifts in Wills

By the time they get to writing a Will, most people have done a lot of living. Legacy marketing that speaks to what matters in someone’s life, with a true and tangible opportunity, is what we’re about.

Gifts in Wills are a huge dollop of many charities’ income. But we’ve never heard a single real-life supporter say that’s why they’re leaving a legacy. And we must have spoken to several hundred legacy pledgers and prospects in in-depth, often intimate interviews over the years. There is always a connection to the cause somewhere. We have a treasure trove of legacy marketing success which is here for sharing.
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Individual giving programmes

A smidge of the last 12 months: A donor acquisition mailing reached 1.74% overall. A Facebook campaign turned into an average £7.75 monthly gift. A Christmas appeal saw a 60% response rate.
We help charities connect with people who will stay, and be generous. And we help you make sure you don’t lose them, with years of experience of treating donors well and keeping communications interesting and relevant. Data analysis lifts the lid on who is supporting, what they’re doing, when they’re leaving, so you can tweak or transform your approach to fix problems and grab opportunities. Add to that our particularly human creative that is rooted in true audience insight about the place of your cause in people’s lives, and you have a good chance of success. Then we test and tweak and test again.
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Supporter experience research

Okay, so the people who support you are motivated by your cause.
But how do they feel about your charity and how they’re treated? What could make them take that gift out of their Will? How do you know?
‘So which other charities do you support and how do they treat you?’ is a question we always ask during the 100+ in-depth phone interviews we carry out with charity supporters every year. Some names crop up surprisingly often as not getting it right. Too many appeals. Sending gimmicks. Not acting on something a supporter has requested. Not saying thank you. We hear about gifts coming out of Wills, monthly donations stopped. Other charities (often small ones) can come out of it very well. Increasingly, clients are asking us to carry out specific research into their supporter experience.
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Creative is at the core of what we do and the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes thinking. From huge integrated campaigns across TV, print, digital, radio, outdoor… to stimulus material for workshops with supporters.
What do we pride ourselves on? Rooting creative in real life, in what supporters say really matters when our creative speak to them for insight and inspiration. Yes, that’s right, our creative staff do a lot of supporter phone interviews. It keeps creative authentic and true, which stands out a mile in a world of paint by numbers direct mail and ‘seen it all before’ charity DRTV. We also do a lot of visiting the coalface, because a charity’s services are where the people, the colour, the smells and noises are that bring a story to life. Concepts, copywriting and design with a very human touch are what we strive for. Sometimes it’s big and bold. Sometimes it’s gentle and discreet.
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