Your supporters don’t tell you everything

Jaz Nannar | October 25th, 2016

Every year, our team at Burnett Works has hundreds of conversations with people who support causes spanning from cancer research, to animal welfare, to mental health.

We understand them and why they give, and because of that, nobody knows more about how supporters are really feeling right now.

We know what inspires them to support you. And we also know the things you may be doing that, unintentionally, can upset them or cause them to leave.

In our illuminating breakfast session, you’ll learn what it means to really listen to the people who support you.

Come along on 9 November, and find out how to feed their insights directly into your fundraising strategy, and into the communications you create.


‘Bloody hell, I didn’t know that. Tell me more.’

That’s how you define a knockout proposition, according to Steve Harrison – one of the UK’s greatest direct marketing copywriters.

We couldn’t agree more. That ‘bloody hell’ reaction is the one you always want from your audience.

It’s the only way you’ll turn interest into action in today’s challenging fundraising landscape.


Put the donor relationship at the heart of your fundraising

Burnett Works’ approach is honed from 25 years’ work in the field. What we do is rooted in empathy and donor psychology. At our event you’ll hear about how useful this is for informing your fundraising.

But most of all, you’ll hear first hand what today’s supporters really care about. Things they would never tell you directly. Things you can really learn from.


Transform support for your cause 

There’s a lot of talk about being ‘donor centric’ or ‘supporter centric’ right now.

But words are words. Come and see that approach in action instead, told through the success stories and impressive results that we, at Burnett Works, have helped create over the years – and which could transform your cause too.


The event is free to attend but places are limited.  Reserve your place today.