Beating the banker with a new proposition


Whilst the charity gets a fair chunk of its money from the state, cuts in the social welfare budget mean that there will be less government money to support disabled people. This put the onus on donor acquisition. We needed to beat the banker direct mail pack

What we did

• Immersed ourselves in the charity and what voluntary income could buy

• Visited projects to see first-hand the difference donations would make

• Did in-depth interviews with around 15 supporters to find out what matters in their lives and where and why the charity fits in

• Produced a de-brief on the research, pulling out key themes and insights

• Drafted four propositions based on these insights

• They included one around the loneliness and isolation, which supporters had raised in interviews as an outcome of a disability


• The four propositions were put into testing on a much bigger scale

• The isolation proposition won by a clear margin

• And we used that as the platform for our new cold pack

• Which went head to head against the banker – and won