Boosting the pleasure and profit of a mass participation event

Listen with fresh ears

A sponsored walk event needed stripping down and rebuilding for a new audience: women that have been touched by cancer who would invite their family and friends to come too. Busy with work and often children, these women’s weekends are crammed with going to the supermarket, doing the washing, taking the kids out…

Transform how you tell your story

So we turned doing a 3 or 9 mile sponsored walk into A Big Beautiful Walk at the end of the summer that you do with ‘your people’ in one of nine luscious places. Pleasure draws them in; Macmillan gives them a good reason for stepping out of their weekend routine.

See the results

This campaign includes DRTV, shot over two days with real people, supported by direct mail and a pretty fundraising pack. The new campaign has just launched nationwide so watch this space…


A Big Beautiful Walk