Bringing gifts in wills closer to home

Listen with fresh ears

People are retrenching with their wills. When researching the right story for a legacy campaign for Macmillan, we heard the baby boomer generation saying clearly, ‘I’ve got to look after my own with my will. Everything’s so uncertain for them.’

Transform how you tell your story

So we built a gifts in wills story around that, combining what matters most to the audience – making sure the people they love are ok when they are gone – with what Macmillan offers – a team in your corner if you’re affected by cancer.

You can use your will to give the people who matter to you a Macmillan team in their corner if they ever need one  –  was the story rolled out across DRTV fronted by a real Macmillan nurse, online advertising, direct mail and events.

See the results

Measuring the results of legacy marketing inevitably involves projections, however taking the average legacy gift into account, the first roll out of the campaign achieved an ROI of 3.9.


Macmillan nurse