Bringing the family feeling online with a friendly new website

Listen with fresh ears

The Camphill Family is a charity linking nine Camphill communities in England. And thanks to the courteous, respectful approach to donor communications we’ve helped the charity develop over many years, their supporters are legendary for their loyal and generous response rates.

So we were delighted to have worked with the charity to develop a new website which now supports online what the print communications have always done: making people feel welcomed as real friends into the very warm and human world of Camphill.

Transform the way you tell your story

As Nathaniel, our head of digital, puts it: ‘The concept behind the design was “Family” and it feels like you are being invited to look inside the Camphill Family album or online journal.

‘The website also supports the principles of donor care that are so important to the charity and to us as an agency. For example, it allows for supporters to change their contact information and preferences at any time.

‘In terms of fundraising, what works best online is when a charity has a believable, realistic and time bound ask. The latest projects all have their own donation pages and the target and amount raised is displayed on the project page. All project news is linked to a project and added to the project page automatically. These projects create a very transparent and clear fundraising narrative.’

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