Building an unparalleled fundraising programme on respect and integrity

Listen with fresh ears

If you’ve heard of Botton Village, you could say this is ‘phase two’. Botton is a Camphill community, and after it raised all the money it needed, it took the nerve-wracking step of asking its supporters to switch to helping its sister communities. And they did!

This loyalty is no happy accident. It’s a consequence of listening to supporters in a way no other charity we know does, and offering them a high degree of control over when and how often they hear from Camphill. It’s also the result of some very distinctive, crafted ‘home-spun’, segmented storytelling which stands way out from the crowd.

Transform how you tell your story

By allowing people to actively choose to only hear from Camphill when they want to, the startling results we achieve together go on and on and on.

See the results

£2.9 milllion pa from 64,000 supporters, with up to 60% of large segments responding. People giving monthly gifts often give cash donations on top, and average gifts are exceptionally high.

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