Driving up legacy gifts in a faith-led community

Listen with fresh ears

Most of us know The Salvation Army for its work providing practical help to people forgotten by society. But if you’re deep inside The Salvation Army, a member of its church, is that what would persuade you to leave a legacy? Or is there something else? To find out, we worked through data, spoke with Salvationists at length, and held focus groups. And we heard that while the charitable work was important, the key motivation for Salvationists was to bring people to God.

Transform how you tell your story

So that was the springboard for a legacy story, spread the word of God with a few words in your will, woven across the channels that our listening exercise had pointed to as most effective: print and a short film for playing in Sunday Services.

See the results

Anecdotally, The Salvation Army Officers who officiate in Salvation Army Churches have embraced the legacy campaign and promoted it to their members – more materials are being re-ordered regularly.