Enriching legacy marketing materials based on a meaningful new proposition

Listen with fresh ears

‘Our legacy materials need a bit of rejuvenation,’  came the request from the British Red Cross. And it would have been easy to just rejig the content a little, write some nice new headlines and make everything look more contemporary. But wasn’t there an opportunity, while we were refreshing those materials, to also do more than that – to make the heart of those legacy materials beat more strongly, and in better time with what motivates the audience?

Transform how you tell your story

We like involving our clients in the solution. That way we all build it, all own it, all learn. So we started with a workshop, and together came up with a new way of presenting the opportunity of putting a gift in your Will to the charity. The focus of the British Red Cross’s legacy story up until then had largely been on how a gift could help the organisation.  But could we make the central legacy story more human and compelling?

See the results

The new central legacy proposition we developed is With a gift in your Will, you can make a promise that help will always be there. It is now the bedrock for a suite of new legacy materials including, a booklet for inspiring enquirers to act and a booklet of practical information for people who’ve said they intend to act.