Finding thousands of new donors for a specialist cause

Listen with fresh ears

We’re interested in finding supporters who will stay. The RAFBF’s best prospects were people who’d served in the RAF and their families. But what goes on in RAF people’s hearts and minds that would click with an opportunity to help RAF people in difficulty? We profiled existing supporters and spoke to loads on the phone. A massive sense of camaraderie emerged, as did the RAFBF as an oasis of traditional values in civvy street.

Transform how you tell your story

This gave us the language, cultural references and imagery to create a series of acquisition stories to capture the attention of people with an RAF connection. In every mailing, insert and doordrop, we included an invitation to talk about what the RAF meant to them. More clues about supporter motivations poured in: stories, photos, paintings…

See the results

Even though we’re hunting for a small group of people within the big wide world – those with an RAF connection – we are getting response rates consistently above industry averages.

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