Integrating legacies and events with spectacular results

Listen with fresh ears

The RAFBF came to us to develop a legacy campaign with a very specific audience in mind: the 310,000 surviving members of the RAF WW11 (age 85+), National Service (age 70-84) and their partners.

Our research showed that these are individuals who will undoubtedly put family first, but are likely to respond positively to the needs of the RAFBF when the case for support is well articulated. They feel proud of what the RAF stands for – decency, courage, self-discipline, camaraderie – and see supporting the RAFBF as doing the right thing by the men and women who currently serve or have previously served.

Transform the way you tell your story

For this campaign, timing was everything. We wove our campaign narrative into one of the RAFBF’s most high-profile events in years: the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial by Her Majesty the Queen in 2012.

At the heart of the creative execution was a moving case study; that of Dennis Wiltshire, a Bomber Command Veteran who has also been supported by the RAFBF. Rich with nostalgia, his RAF story was sensitively pitched to resonate with the decency and courage we know this audience values. Dennis is very much a man of their generation.

We ran radio advertising for a fortnight closely followed by press advertising in a carefully chosen selection of specialist publications catering to our target group. Then we sent a warm mailing to many of our oldest supporters and a cold mailing to a list of older individuals who had not previously given to the charity.

See the results

As a general rule, legacy campaigns do not tend to generate huge response rates – in fact many legators prefer to remain undeclared. In this case, however, the results exceeded all expectations. We received declarations from 56 Pledgers (224% above target), 14 Intenders and 67 Enquirers, as well as over £6,000 in cash donations.

Many responders also spoke appreciatively of the emotional connection they’d felt with Dennis’s story and shared their own experiences in response.