Making a milestone more than just a milestone

Our challenge

The Salvation Army turned 150 in 2015 and wanted to turn this milestone into more than just a milestone – a celebration that brings together people and that brings in money to support the charity’s work. The charity wanted the event to continue and grow beyond 2015, so whatever we created needed to work ongoing, and once references to specific 150 year anniversaries were removed. And, although Salvation Army Corps are the priority audience, this fundraising event would also be used for people from outside The Salvation Army who are interested in raising money for them, so something that can be also used externally was also important.

What we did

We created the ‘Big Birthday Tea’ – so Salvation Army Corps could gather their communities together for a celebratory party at which everyone celebrate 150 years of raising money to help get more people back on their feet – and keep them there.

We created a mailing to Corp leaders, encouraging them to take part, and a kit including a ‘how to’ booklet, a birthday cake recipe, decorations, games, paying in slips and advice, and invitations.

150th Invitation