Reinvigorating a fundraising event with phenomenal results

Listen with fresh ears

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event. So how could we reactivate more people to do it again, while encouraging others to do it for the first time?

By working out not just what busy women aged 45+ could give to Macmillan, but what a coffee morning could give to them.

Transform your story

So we rebuilt the story of World’s Biggest Coffee Morning as the perfect excuse for women to make time for what really matters to them: getting together with the people who sustain them through the ups and downs of life.

The remodelled programme was rolled out across DRTV (using a documentary team and real people), radio, direct mail, press and email, and supported Macmillan’s in-house creative team in pushing it out in other directions, like PR and social media.

See the results

The event has seen spectacular growth as a result of enriching the proposition and communicating this through engaging creative across a multi-channel mix.

Before we were brought in by the team at Macmillan, they had grown the event to £10 million, but income had plateaued for a few years.

In the three years Burnett Works was Macmillan’s agency partner on Coffee Morning, income soared to a whopping £25 millionwith every channel, especially DRTV, seeing great results, and over 200,000 people registering to host a coffee morning by text, phone and post in 2014.

To say we’re proud of this achievement is an understatement.