Turning barriers into opportunities with a fresh, new event

Listen with fresh ears

From speaking to RGNI-tallyoung women in their 20s and 30s we discovered that a reluctance to ask people for sponsorship was putting them off doing something for charity. We needed to create a fresh event that tapped into young women’s love of seeing their friends, that was low effort and wouldn’t feel cringey to involve others in.

Transform how you tell your story

A Really Good Night In was designed with a simple call to action: don’t get sweaty, don’t get sponsored, just have A Really Good Night In with your friends and share the fundraising effort.

The event was launched across a number of channels and included a DRTV ad using real friends, not actors, having a gossip, a glass of wine and a nibble at home, with everyone giving a donation to Macmillan. Heavy on pleasure, ‘lite’ on cancer, the ad made a virtue of being able to wear high heels and kick them off, rather than donning trainers and a track-suit. It was supported by direct mail, a microsite, and a fundraising pack.