Turning digital creative into an ideal family fundraiser

Listen with fresh ears

Durrell came to us to help them to develop a marketing strategy for their new video – The Lonely Dodo (voiced by Stephen Fry).

Though their original objective was a broad one – to raise UK awareness of the charity – we worked with them to define a clear set of specific and measurable objectives. We also did some investigation to identify a target audience for the campaign, namely: Mothers of children aged 3-10 years.

Transform the way you tell your story

Experience told us that even if wildly successful (it has actually had more than 260,000 views on YouTube), this video could only scratch the surface of creating mass brand awareness for the charity. It could, however, be used to great effect for fundraising recruitment with a focus on creating lasting regular giving relationships within the target audience – using the video to create a ‘club’ rather than ‘viral’ feel.

As our head of digital, explains,

‘Durrell’s existing animal adoption scheme had all the ingredients of what we know works in online fundraising; it’s very tangible and presents a fantastic case for ongoing support – what could be more compelling than the threat of species extinction?

And it already has lots to ‘give back’ to the donor: photos, case studies, reports from the field and even a zoo webcam; which we suggested resurrecting. It was a great relationship marketing opportunity.’


Durrell main image