Using frank, beautiful storytelling to keep donors loyal

Listen with fresh ears

This pioneering child sponsorship charity sends its bi-annual magazine, World Family, to a warm audience of donors and sponsors.

When it came to a redesign, we understood that this was more than just a magazine. Why? Because retention is absolutely vital to the success of Plan UK’s fundraising model.

Transform the way you tell your story

In many ways, World Family is a gift when it comes to storytelling. Supplied with wonderful case studies and real life stories of children whose lives have been transformed by donations and sponsorship, it was our job to make sure the design brought those case studies to life in a way that would persuade these good-quality donors to maintain their support, year after year.

We put Plan UK’s stunning photography at centre stage. Telling a story through the images, we made sure donors feel as close as possible to the people and projects they’re helping to support. Open the pages and it feels as if the whole world tumbles out – colourful, rich in detail and truly inspiring.

See the results

Thanks to compelling human stories, complemented by beautiful design, Plan UK has a publication it can be truly proud of in World Family. Since the redesign, the charity has broadened the use of the publication for a range of purposes, including communicating with major donors.


PLAN WF Autumn 2013