Using scientific breakthroughs to inspire legacy giving

Listen with fresh ears

How to choose which area of work to trumpet for encouraging gifts in wills? Most people hope to live for many years and might assume that some needs will have been solved before a legacy is realised.

So we listened to Action on Hearing Loss’s donors, saw that appeals around biomedical research were popular, and worked with the Head of Science to tease out what this could offer in 20 years’ time.

Transform how you tell your story

This legacy mailing presents for the first time the chance to ‘restore natural hearing’ – very different from ordinary appeals to keep the helpline open or back volunteers to adjust people’s hearing aids. And it uses the BBC to vouch for the research project that is the star.

See the results

Action on Hearing Loss estimates this mailing has unearthed around £2 million in gifts. That’s based on the number of people who’ve responded by saying they’ve already put a gift in their will, those who’ve said they’re planning to do it and are likely to actually do so, and what the average value of those gifts are likely to be.


Action on Hearing Loss